Soil Release


Material Information

Soil release is the term used to describe the clean ability of the fabric by the laundering process. Stain or soil release is the ability of a fabric to be cleaned easily by laundering.
  • Finish: Soil Release
  • Category: Cotton, Polyster
  • Clients: Boring Companies, Constructions

Working Together For Your Better Life

Soil or stain release is a chemical finish that permits relatively easy removal of soils with ordinary laundering. The finish allow stains to leave the fabric faster and makes fabric cleanable without significant loss of soil-release properties.

Soil release properties are important for those textiles that can be washed whereas stain-resistant properties are important for upholstery, carpets, or such other fabrics that cannot be conveniently laundered. Soil release properties may be imparted by applying hydrophilic treatments to hydrophobic textiles.