Blood Repellent


Material Information

The idea behind blood-repellency is at its core the same as with water-repellency: an air layer is used to shield the solid. The coating completely repels a bloodstream without leaving any residue.
  • Finish: Blood Repellent
  • Category: Cotton, Polyster
  • Clients: Medical, Surgons

Working Together For Your Better Life

Viswamsri products were highly capable in blood repellent and That will be very useful in surgical gowns and Hospitality operations. Also, it will be anti-viral and anti-microbial.

"The reason blood clots is because it finds cells in the blood to go to and attach," Popat said. "Normally, blood flows in vessels. If we can design materials where blood barely contacts the surface, there is virtually no chance of clotting, which is a coordinated set of events. Here, we're targeting the prevention of the first set of events."