Deodorant & Fragranse


Material Information

ArmourMe Long Lasting Fabric Deodorizer | Rose | Odor Eliminator | Fabric Softener | Refreshing Deodorizer for Fabrics Fresh Scent for Clothes, Carpet & Furniture.
  • Finish: Deodorant & Fragranse
  • Category: Cotton, Polyster
  • Clients: Home, Daily wears

Working Together For Your Better Life

Viswamsri products are refreshing fabric cloth with a silver-based formula that quickly eliminates microbes and act as a shield. It helps remove the unpleasant odor from the fabric and the refreshing fragrance makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Fabric fragrances, especially natural, are popular as they have nice floral and earthy scents. Using essential oils leaves a long-lasting fragrance in the clothes. People expect clothes to smell refreshing and fragrant. Personal fragrances are not only about body and home but also about clothes.