Anti Viral


Material Information

As bacteria use textiles as a hosting surface, Viswamsri’s technical textile products ensures effective production against possible such threats from common harmful viruses (such as influenza and malaria) and also provide effective protection against contamination and transmission of viruses.
  • Finish: Anti Viral
  • Category: Cotton, Polyster
  • Clients: Hospitality, Daily wears

Working Together For Your Better Life

The pandemic has brought many changes in our daily lives the way we function, socialize and dress up. In the new era, masks and protective clothing have garnered much public interest and found ways into people's wardrobes. It is imperative that demand for antiviral clothing would only rise in the future and become a lucrative business.

Technology is at the core of the fashion industry's resurgence in the post-Covid age, from anti-viral clothes to sanitization closets.

It is apparent that the global medical textiles industry has experienced an increase in the usage of anti-viral qualities in fabrics used to produce body coveralls and masks to protect frontline warriors from viral infections. And now, apparel firms in India are snatching it up to safeguard their customers from COVID-19. Clothing and fashion businesses are placing a greater emphasis on hygiene and immunity.